Financial Action Association met with Mehmet Harmancı, Mayor of NTM

Financial Action Association paid a visit to Mehmet Harmancı, Mayor of Nicosia Turkish Municipality.

Financial Action Association, which has just started its activities and which recently presented its opinions to the committee on the 'Anti-Laundering of Proceeds of Crime Law' upon the invitation of the Economy, Finance, Budget and Planning Committee of the Parliament of the TRNC, paid a visit to Mehmet Harmancı, Mayor of Nicosia Turkish Municipality on Tuesday, January 24.

Financial Action Association President Benan Mirza, Vice President Can Sarvan and Board Member Meriç Erülkü congratulated Mehmet Harmancı's re-election as Nicosia Turkish Municipality Mayor and conveyed what kind of work they will carry out as an association to prevent the increasing financial crimes in our country.

Members of the association mentioned the Financial Action Association's financial crime trainings and stated that education and increased awareness of financial crimes are the most critical methods to prevent financial crimes all over the world. Particularly for sectors that are directly liable in terms of risk, as well as their representatives and employees.

Nicosia Turkish Mayor Mehmet Harmancı said that The Financial Action Association may begin educational operations in the NTM's Solidarity and Education Center in Nicosia after assessing the association's demand for classroom space for the courses.

With the opportunities provided by the Nicosia Turkish Municipality, members of the Association's Board of Directors will gradually begin to offer professional and certified training to various sector representatives, interested parties, and university students through the Transparent Finance Institute (TPFI), which is being established within the association.