Financial Action Association Met with Mayor of Kyrenia Murat Şenkul

The Financial Action Association visited the Mayor of Girne, Murat Şenkul. During the meeting, FED explained its planned activities and shared proposals for ensuring tax justice.

Financial Action Association (FED) met with Kyrenia Mayor Murat Şenkul
On Thursday, May 4th, the Financial Action Association (FED), which was formed to combat financial crime and the informal economy in Northern Cyprus, met with Mayor of Kyrenia, Murat Şenkul.

During the discussion, FED President Benan Mirza, who has extensive experience in banking compliance, and FED Vice President Can Sarvan described the FED's activities and presented their proposals for guaranteeing tax justice with Mayor Şenkul. 

Officials from the organization noted that they want data to estimate the total number of taxpayers who will pay property tax and current sales in land registry offices across Northern Cyprus, beginning in Kyrenia. During the meeting, it was agreed that the association and Kyrenia Municipality would work together to improve tax payment habits. 

During the meeting, Mayor Murat Şenkul called attention to the construction boom in Kyrenia and disclosed that a new mechanism is being established to guarantee the timely payment of property taxes. The executives of the association also raised multiple anomalies including the leasing of various Treasury land supplied for investment purposes, without considerable investment, and rerenting at exceptionally high prices to other tenants by the renter.

Throughout the meeting, Mayor Şenkul stated, "From now on, we are against leasing public lands to foreign investors at a very low price for Kyrenia tourism investments. If foreign investors desire to invest, they can do so by purchasing private property and investing in tourism within the confines of the rules. Our position on the usage of public lands is unequivocal."

Mirza, Sarvan, Meriç Erülkü, Mehmet Hasgüler, and Hüseyin Sezer Solak serve on the board of the Financial Action Association.