The Financial Action Association filed a lawsuit against the political party amnesty law

The Financial Action Association, which was recently established to combat unspecified financial resources and informality across the TRNC, filed a lawsuit in the Constitutional Court today to annul the Political Parties (Amendment) Law No. 33/2023.

According to the Financial Action Association, a special amnesty was made for political parties that did not provide their accounts, could not provide their accounts, and/or had their accounts not audited, arguing that the amnesty law is contrary to the principle of equality and other Constitutional articles besides the rule of law in the Constitution. And filed a petition with the Constitutional Court to have the law overturned.

The Association emphasized that no person, family, group, or class is granted any privileges under the Constitution and that these are the fundamental legal principles that govern the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government as well as individuals and the State administration authorities. Financial Action Association noted that if political parties "partially" commit potential serious crimes that are likely to come to light as a result of financial audits of those parties, the offense is downgraded from a serious criminal to a simple misdemeanor.

The Financial Action Association remarked that the law will legitimate informality for a limited time. Association recalled the former UBP chairman Hüseyin Özgürgün had about 16 million TL in his account, and despite Özgürgün's money statement "Party Election Money," discovering the source of this money would be impossible after the law.

According to the Financial Action Association, the Political Parties (Amendment) Law No. 33/2023 has prevented the Financial Action Association from fighting with uncertain financial resources and informality, many articles of the Constitution have been violated by the law, universal legal practices, and the boundaries drawn by the Constitution have been prevented. And stated that the law was passed in defiance of the Constitution.